ServDes Conference had the challenge of pivoting from an in-person event to hybrid.


Service Design and Innovation conference (ServDes.) is the premier international research conference for exchanging knowledge within service design and service innovation studies aimed at both academics and industry practitioners.


Supporting as an experience designer, I helped wayfind, prototype, and craft digital assets and integrate the seminar schedule into a virtual conference environment using Gather.Town.

This was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with various designers in an unfamiliar medium. The solution bridged the gap between seminar and workshop spaces with a interactive environment.

Visual Design
Experience Design
Adobe Illustrator
Google Sheets


A space for serendipitous interactions

The main objective for this space was to reintroduce opportunities for serendipitous interactions between conference attendees.

Feedback from previous events have noted that this is part of where the most value is obtained for ServDes events.Our proposed space aimed to create a cohesive environment that matched with what the conference was delivering.

Some of the challenge included:

  • Seminars / Workshops happening at the same time.
  • Different runtimes for sessions, effecting how long we could allocate in the breakout spaces.
  • Themed seminars.
  • Q and A sessions with the location occurring within gathertown.

We created an initial wirefame for the environment which included enough rooms to accomodate overlapping workshops. Each workshop or seminar would have their own room in which they could host further discussion in scheduled hours using the Gather.Town environment.

Initial wireframe / sketch of floor plan. Noting the seperate spaces and activation areas for events.
Socialisation asset of the map to encourage interaction before and after each event.


The 8-bit game like space created cool interactions.

Socialisation asset of the map to encourage interaction before and after each event.

Placemaking through landmarks and interactive elements.

Serendipitous conversation

Serendipitous conversation prompts in-between spaces.

Central Map

Central Map as you enter acting as *oracle*.


Wayfinding through immersive 8-bit graphics

Interactive Room schedules

Interactive Room schedules that link to the seminar schedule for the room

Feedback board

Feedback Board for Gather feedback and feature requests.

Testing the experience of and finding out defined meeting places.


  • The solution created opportunities for attendees to interact casually throughout the conference. While being a secondary feature of what brought people to the events.
  • It allowed for attendees across the road to interact in a casual setting using an inspiring tool. This showed many attendees within the conference that it is possible