Vipassana at Home

Introducing an approachable mindfulness practice to a disconnected world through the pandemic.


With a tight turn around, Vipassana at Home was conceptualised, designed and launched within a month.


My role was to design and develop the end to end experience for the community, while supporting the facilitators to deliver daily mindfulness practices around the globe.

Personal Challenges

This was an opportunity to build a product from the ground up through moving fast in a small team. Our MVP allowed us to quickly get feedback from our users to validate the idea. Its since created other products and events.

Hi-Fidelity prototyping
UX writing
Web Development
Customer Experience
Service Design
Process Mapping

Product features

10-day meditation courses
Live facilitated discourses
Drop-in Q&A Everyday
Community Message group
1-to-1 Private Coaching
Digital course calendar


Accessible introduction to mindfulness for everyday life.


The pandemic has shown us that people are willing to engage with online forms of personal growth and exploration. Self-improvement and new expereinces are among some of the things people have been wanting to explore when iscolated.


As a co-creator of Vipassana at Home. We have first had experience of the value a practice of meditation can bring, and with our combined vision of facilitation and digital experience, we began speculating on how we could introduce the practice of vipassana to more people, particularly when iscolated.

Furthermore, many people believe that taking 10 days out of their lives to participate in a traditional vipassana retreat is too much of a commitment. Our course hopes to become a stepping stone for those who want that first taste of a vipassana experience.

Introduce an approachable mindfulness practices to a world of busy and curious people.

Craft a course that introduces precepts to meditation.

Process and Design

The quick nature of this process meant that we were prototyping on the fly and coming up with new ideas throughout the process. Much of the development of the course itself was happening moments before testing with our customers.

This allowed us to learn fast and respond to challenges the community were experiencing..

Typical course day


  • Vipassana at Home's launch was a success with over 70 sign ups and 30 participants completing the entire course. For something that's donation based and ran remotely, this is something we were very proud of.
  • The NPS score of Vipassana at Home events as of Q1 2022 is 89.
  • Vipassana at Home has expanded to offer a variety of more courses, with more in the works

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